Moving is a drag! It is even more of a drag if you must do it yourself. Ask anyone that has moved, and they will quickly recall how painful the entire process was. The best way to take the pain out of moving is to hire professional movers. The key word here is “professional”. Professional movers have the right tools for the job and know how to make quick of what may take normal people days or even weeks to complete. With this in mind, all movers are not created equal. Here are three questions to ask any potential moving company before you agree to hire them!

Are You Insured?

This question is first because companies that are not insured may not be able to pay for an expensive item that ends up being broken in your move. Even the most careful movers will occasionally see an item get damaged. It sometimes cannot be helped. Having insurance means they can financially replace that item. If you have items that are “one of a kind” or family heirlooms, most movers will recommend moving them yourselves when possible. Obviously, if you have an antique grandfather clock, that may not be possible!

How Much Will the Move Cost?

While this may seem obvious, be sure to get your quote in writing. Once the movers have looked at your belongings and know the pickup and drop-off locations, there should be almost nothing left to chance when it comes to price. Having a written quote means you know exactly what the cost will be prior to the job beginning. However, be aware that some moves are handled “by the hour” and may fluctuate a little. You can rest easy knowing that most companies are very quick and tend to take far less time than you might imagine.

How Long Will It Take?

This question will be highly dependent on what level of service you choose. If you are doing a “labor only” move, meaning you are just hiring the movers and maybe the truck, the time will be much less than if you hire the company to do a complete pack, move and unpack. Each level of service will have advantages and disadvantages. The most important part is to know exactly what you are getting and how long they expect it to take.

Hire a Boise Moving Company

Keeping your money local is important to our economy. Next time you need to move, consider hiring a locally owned and operated mover. Boise moving companies keep your dollars in our community. Hiring professionals will make your life easier…do yourself a favor and trust the pros!