If you are planning a residential move in Boise, Very Good Moving Company is the company to call! Moving is an exhausting process but with the right moving company doing the heavy lifting it is much easier. Residential moving services do not just mean that they move your belongings from point A to point B, they can also pack, unpack and store your belongings if necessary. Very Good Moving Company is experienced with all types of moves and can take on even the most complex moves. We have over a decade of experience and there is not much we have not moved. 


It is All About the Team

Our team includes well trained movers who will transport your belongings from one residence to the next with care. They are trained on how to protect your belongings, protect your home and deliver your furniture and boxes to the right spots in your home. We also have operations managers who can plan your move. There is a lot to consider when moving and you may need an expert to help with the logistics on some moves. An operations manager can help plan your packing, assess how much time it will take and what supplies will be needed, organize movers to transport your belongings and plan out the unpacking strategy. 

Temporary Storage and Multi-Day Moves

In some circumstances, especially with the current housing market it may be necessary that you move out of your home into a storage unit for a time period while your new home becomes available. We can help with this type of move and can also do multi-day moves where we pick up your belongings, move them into storage and then move them to your new home once it becomes available. Storage moves have a lot of logistics and moving parts and our team is a great help in navigating this process. 

To Pack or Not to Pack?

When planning a residential move you will need to decide if you want to use a packing service or if you plan to do your packing yourselves. Packing services are great because the packers are well trained to keep your belongings safe, bring all their own supplies and offer insurance or protection against any broken items. Many homeowners don’t think they can afford a packing service but when you consider the insurance, packing materials and the time off from work you may find that it does not add a lot of cost and saves a lot of stress at the same time! This service becomes especially important if you have extra large, heavy items or if you have items that are extremely fragile. Professional packers know how to get these types of items safely from one place to another!

Local Residential Moves

Local moves are very common and are something that can be done in just a few hours. The moving team arrives, assesses your belongings and makes a plan for fitting it all in their vehicle. Then they begin to pack the truck and transport your furniture and boxes to your new home. When they arrive at your new home you can help direct them where to put the furniture and other items. We often think we can handle moving on our own but it is a lot of heavy lifting and time intensive. And as we get older, it is likely hard to find someone willing to help if you have a lot of heavy furniture or a lot of stairs. Very Good Moving Company offers a labor only service which allows you to use your own rental truck but get help with your residential move in Boise

Hire a Boise Moving Company

When it comes down to it, moving is a hassle. Very few people look forward to the process of moving from one home to another. It is satisfying once it is done, but it comes with many headaches and stressors. Trust a Boise moving company to get your household goods safely from one home to another. You will not regret it! Imagine sitting back and watching the pros take care of everything! Call 208-398-0078 and make it a reality today!

Moving is not a big task but with the right help it can bring back the excitement of moving to a new home. Very Good Moving Company offers a helping hand so you can save your back and relish in the excitement of a new home.