As businesses grow and change there may come a time where you need to move to a new location. Upsizing for more space or downsizing to a more streamlined business model both require a lot of logistical planning. No matter the reason why you are moving your office it is a huge disruption to both your business and your team. Finding an efficient and quick method of moving is ideal for getting your business back to full strength. Very Good Moving Company is a great resource for commercial and office moves in Nampa.


We Make Office & Commercial Moves easy in Nampa!

Moving an office is a different process of moving a home. The amount of boxes is often much lower but the furniture is heavier and harder to move without professional help. You may not have boxes of clothing and dishes to move but often have heavy file cabinets and conference tables. Computer screens and towers are often challenging to move because they need to be packaged in a way to keep them safe. Damaging these computer towers can have huge business implications so we work hard to ensure their safety.

Hiring a professional moving company for your office and commercial move ensure the right equipment will be on site to get the job done quickly. The team of professionals at Very Good Moving Company brings all the right materials like wrap, blankets, and dollies to ensure your move is done quickly and efficiently. Properly preparing materials to move ensures they are not damaged when they arrive at your new office space. Very Good Moving Company has special carts that help us to move office materials very quickly and with less packing materials which helps to save our clients money.

Moving Heavy Items

Office and commercial furniture is often extremely heavy, adding in equipment that may be used in a commercial space and it is nearly impossible to do these sorts of moves without professional help. Many large desks are made of solid wood and can weigh a ton. Large credenzas, safe, conference tables and refrigerators are all things that we have moved during a commercial move. The bulkiness and weight of these items makes it challenging to lift without proper equipment and training.

Why Hire Very Good Moving Company?

There is not just one good reason to hire our team, there are many reasons Very Good Moving Company is the right fit for your Nampa commercial and Office move.

We offer:

  • Estimates on site
  • The quoted price is our actual price, no hidden fees.
  • Commercial packing and unpacking services available
  • Furniture taken apart and put back together on site
  • Experienced team of movers 
  • License, insured and bonded
  • Scheduling is easy and works with your schedule


If my items are damaged in the move what happens?

Very good moving company offers insurance to our clients and it’s also fully licensed, insured and bonded. We inventory the items as we are moving them and will report any damage that is caused by our team. Our inventory process helps to expedite any claims.

Are you able to take furniture to be donated or thrown away for us?

Absolutely, we are happy to help our clients in any way and we can take unwanted furniture to the dump, a consignment store, or thrift stores. We will discuss these options with you in regards to your specific item.

Do we need to take apart our furniture ourselves before the movers arrive?

No, we are happy to disassemble and reassemble furniture for you. We will go over the specific needs of your company in regards to assembly and reasonably and be sure to include that in our quote.

Do you offer weekend moves?

Yes, we do! Make sure you talk to our commercial moving specialist about a weekend move to ensure the quote accurately represents these time frames.

How do I get a quote?

Our commercial move specialists prefer to offer on-site quotes where we can access the current location and new location to ensure we properly estimate the time needed for your move. We will look at the equipment, furniture, and other items that need to be moved to ensure we bring the right size truck and the right team. We will also look at any challenges that may affect our move like stairs, small doorways, elevators and other aspects. Once we have assessed the situation we will then create a comprehensive quote for you that includes all the necessary personnel time and equipment.