Anyone that has moved their household knows how tedious the packing and unpacking process is. Boxing up your entire household may not be rocket science but it can be done wrong which results in broken or damaged items. Our team has seen the difference between a professional and DIY packing job and you would be amazed how much more efficient the professional packing is. The care each item is given in a professional move is really remarkable and cuts down on broken and damaged items significantly. The professional moving process takes more effort but the care your treasure receives is worth the effort put forth. Moving is our business which means we have all the proper packing materials, pads and wrapping paper. We know that these items make a big difference in preventing damage. 



Our team is available for whatever you need including a stand alone packing and unpacking service or combining packaging services with our professional moving services. We provide packing and unpacking services for a variety of different clients including residential, office and commercial moves. If you have never used a professional moving company to pack and unpack for you, you don’t know what you have been missing. 

When you hire us to do a full service packing and unpacking service we provide everything, you don’t have to lift a finger. We arrive with all the materials for your move and pack every drawer and every closet. Very Good Moving Company has set up a system with our homeowners to create a “don’t pack zone” that includes things they will need day to day and needs to be saved for the last minute or moved by them in their personal vehicles. Things in this zone generally include clothes for a day or two, medications, phone chargers and toiletries. 

If you have used a professional packing and unpacking company in the past you probably know how much time it saves, but if you haven’t you are in for a treat. When packing yourself it can take days, especially when you consider you still have to work and take care of your family. Very Good Moving Company will have you moved in in just a day, a very long day, but still you will be settled in your new home so much quicker than unpacking yourself. We ask that you are available to answer questions on the day of your move but you will not have to lift a finger. 

Our team will arrive at your new location ready to start the unpacking process and put everything in its designated room. We will also place furniture and reassemble it if it has to be disassembled to move. At the end of the unpacking we gather up all the moving materials and take them away so you aren’t left with a mountain of packing materials to deal with. We will also take away all the moving blankets, furniture protectors and any other packing materials we used to best protect your furniture. Our customers often comment on how expensive moving supplies are and find that packing services are more reasonable than they realized when considering the cost of the packing supplies. 


When you are ready for your next move do yourself a favor and hire Very Good Moving Company to do the packing and unpacking so you can enjoy your new home. This service gets you back to normal life faster than if you do it yourself. When you don’t have to spend days packing your home you will have more time to clean, decorate and get back to your regular activities. We would love to talk with you about the logistics of your move during a free consultation, call Very Good Moving Company for your next move at 208-398-0078