Labor Only Moves in Star

If you are preparing for a move you may be starting to think about who you can ask for help. Asking friends for help moving an item or two may be no big deal but moving your whole home can be a lot to ask for. As we get older our friends are less motivated by pizza and beer and more likely to have bad backs and busy weekends. Residential moves can be very labor heavy, requiring a lot of heavy lifting both into and out of the moving truck. Very Good Moving Company offers labor only moving services in Star, the perfect solution to your moving needs. This service is also popular for moving items inside of your home if you are having your house painted, rearranging or need something heavy taken up or down the stairs.


What is a Labor Only move?

Labor only moving may sound like an unusual service but it’s a very common option that our customers love. Labor only moving services are when we provide muscle for your move but not the moving truck or packing. Our movers offer labor only services in both residential and commercial moves. Many homeowners will call us in to move things into their basements, for help with furniture relocation or for a full move including both loading and unloading. We can help with any item, nothing is too big or heavy for our crew. We do both boxes and furniture. This service does not include packing and unpacking, and the truck or trailer is provided by the customer. We will unload the truck and get all your items into your house, ready for you to start the unpacking project. 

Who uses this Service?

This service is incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. Many homeowners need help with moving items here and there, relying on friends can be a drag and hiring professionals means your belongings are often better protected. 

If you live alone there may be times when you need help moving something in your home. A labor only move service can be a great way to unload a new couch, move the gun safe down into the basement or clear a room for construction/remodeling. Our budget conscious clients really like this service because it allows them to do a lot of the work, rent or borrow an affordable truck but not break their backs doing all the moving themselves. This cuts the cost of professional movers down but still gets you the help you need. Lavor only moves also let you do the unpacking and packing on your own time schedule. 

We have seen a growth in labor only moves from people moving into the area. When moving across the country or state you may not have friends to help you offload your moving van, this is a great time to call Very Good Moving Company. As Star and the Treasure Valley grows this has become a common scenario for our team. We can unload moving vans into homes and storage units, sometimes both for the same job while a customer waits for their home to be available or built. 

Another common customer we get is someone who just doesn’t have the time to devote to the move. While packing before and after work is an option for a lot of our customers it doesn’t work for everyone. If you work for yourself or in an industry where time is money, hiring out the labor is a great way to get the job done and still be able to work. 

If you are remodeling you might need help moving furniture out of the space. A labor only move is the right service for these projects and we can help get your furniture out of the way and safely stored. Once the project is done we are happy to return and put the furniture back where it belongs. 

Very Good Moving Company  Labor Only Moves

Very Good Moving company is an authority in moving in the valley and our Star labor only moves are a great asset for our customers. Our moving team can get everything taken care of quickly and with ease. If you are moving in the near future the time is now to get on the schedule. It’s remarkable how quickly our calendar fills these days. Schedule your moving estimate today by calling 208-398-0078.

Call the Labor Only Moving Authority in Star

Very Good Moving Company sets the standard in Star for labor only moves. Our moving specialists help you get exactly what you need done when you need it done. If you have a move coming soon, do not wait to call us. Our schedule fills up quickly and we want to be available for your move! Schedule your moving estimate today by calling 208-398-0078.