Life moves fast, between work, kids, friends and errands it can be hard to find the time for big things like moves. Moving your own belongings can be a strain physically but also on you timewise. A labor only move is a great way to keep your friends from having to spend their time helping you move, pizza and beer really isn’t enough for giving up a full weekend helping you move once you’re out of your 20s. A company that can help move your boxes and furniture quickly and efficiently is a huge benefit and big time saver. Very Good Moving Company offers both full service and labor only moving services in Eagle.


Labor Only Moving

When we talk to clients many of them don’t know the labor only moving exists. Labor only moving is just hired man power, we come in and help move packed boxes, furniture and any other items you may need moved. This is a service we provide for both residential moves and business moves. We are a great service to call on when you have big heavy furniture or things like a gun safe you want to move within your home. Some furniture is hard to move without help and is best left to the professionals. Our customers love labor only for their residential moves, they pack up their home and don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. Once the packing is done you can leave while we take care of loading all your stuff into a truck, pods, or any other system you want to use. We can provide a moving truck or you can use your own. We can of course provide unpacking manpower as well one you are ready to move into your new house. 

Who Uses Labor Only Moves?

Labor only moves are good for anyone but especially for people who can’t move their own stuff or don’t have help. Very Good Moving Company is your resource for any type of move you may be doing, we work with customers moving into a different apartment in the same complex to customers moving across town. 

Budget Conscious

Customers that are looking to save some money benefit from labor only moves as well. This is a great way to cut costs  because we are not packing for you but you can still utilize the help with the lifting. Our customers love that they can pack on their own time schedule and we arrive when they are ready. We describe labor only moves as the best of both worlds, moving day isn’t as back breaking and is still easy on the wallet. 

New to the Area

If you are new to the area this might also be an ideal option, moving without help is nearly impossible. Moving into your new Eagle home without someone to help with lifting couches, mattresses and other heavy items is impossible, even if you are physically fit enough to do heavy lifting some items just take a team. If you are new to the area you may have had storage pods brought in or a cross country moving truck, we are happy to help unload these as well. 

Those in a Time Crunch

Customers that are short on time find this service helpful too. Moving is half transporting your belongings and half cleaning. You can spend your time cleaning your old home and your new one rather than loading and unloading a vehicle. Additionally it’s great to walk into your new home after we have delivered to find furniture in place and boxes in their designated spaces. While it may seem cliche, time is money for a lot of people and many people find that their time is better spent at work as opposed to loading their boxes into a moving truck. 


We also do labor only moves for people that are remodeling, this may not occur to a lot of people but if you need furniture moved out of a room for new flooring we can help with that. Our team can move your furniture into a different room, garage or storage unit to give your contractors the space they need. After the work is done we are happy to come back out and move the furniture back into place. 

The Best Moving Labor Company in Eagle

Our labor only moving team sets the standard for quality in Eagle, ID. Very Good Moving Company is proud of the work we do and the glowing reviews we receive because our team is so respectful and professional. Our great reputation means our schedule is filled quickly so call today to schedule your free estimate.