Labor Only Moving in Boise

As we get older and busier, the less likely we are to have time to move our own property. This goes for residential moves when moving to a new home, but it also goes for moving stuff inside your current home! Remember the days when you could bribe your friends with food and drink? As we approach our 40s and beyond, those days become less and less likely. Why? Because we are busy and so are our friends. Not to mention the fact that a pizza does not carry the same value to a 42-year-old as it did to a 22-year-old! Therefore, Very Good Moving Company offers the Treasure Valley’s best “labor only” moving services!

What is Labor Only Moving?

It is just what it sounds like. You need muscle and we have it! Our movers come to your residence or place of business to move what needs to be moved. Do you have a gun safe that needs to be moved from the basement to the garage? We can do that! Same goes for any items that are either too heavy, too bulky, or both for you to handle on your own. We also move boxes that you have already packed and are ready to go to a new location. You do everything up until the point of moving your items. We take care of that part for you. Once we have all the items moved, you take over again and start unpacking on your schedule.

Who Benefits from this Service?

There are several groups of people that benefit from labor only moving services:

  • Anyone that needs help moving the heavy stuff in their home! From one floor to another or from one room to another. Very Good Moving Company moves what you need moved!
  • Budget conscious movers. Maybe you are moving but have a smaller budget than needed for an entire contract move. Labor only moving gives you the option to do all the packing on your schedule while our team moves the contents of your home to the new location. It is the best of both worlds.
  • People new to the area and have not yet made friends. If you are new to Boise and did a self-move in a moving van, you will need to unload it quickly once you arrive. Regardless how strong you may be, moving a sofa or washing machine on your own is challenging! We unload moving trucks for people that need help now whether they are moving into a storage unit or into their new home!
  • People that appreciate the importance of their time. For those that are self-employed and run their own businesses, the time spent moving could be much better spent working on their business. These are people that benefit from hiring services like movers. Time is money and would you rather spend yours moving or spend it making money?
  • Those that are having work done to their home. Considering a home remodel? If so, think about all the furniture that is currently in the room(s) that need work. Unless you can move it yourself, someone will need to clear the space for your contractors. Very Good Moving Company can empty out the room or room(s) in time for your work to get underway. Once the work is complete, we will come back and put everything where you want it!

Call the Labor Only Moving Authority in Boise

Very Good Moving Company sets the standard in Boise for labor only moves. Our moving specialists help you get exactly what you need done when you need it done. If you have a move coming soon, do not wait to call us. Our schedule fills up quickly and we want to be available for your move! Schedule your moving estimate today by calling 208-398-0078.