If you’ve ever moved before, then you know that packing and unpacking are the hardest parts of the moving process. We know that anybody can put stuff in a box and tape it shut. However, there is a major difference between professional packing and a DIY packing job. What separates the two is the care each item in the box is given by the professional. It takes extra time and effort to make sure that your items come out of the box just the way they were put in. We take that time and effort because we care about keeping your belongings safe. We invest heavily in things like wrapping paper, furniture pads, and other safe packing materials. We do this to keep your items safe and protected from damage.



We can either just do the packing and unpacking for you, or this service could be combined with our residential, commercial, or office moving services. Some people have never experienced the benefits of hiring a professional company to pack and unpack for them, and these people don’t know what they’re missing! 

When you hire Very Good Moving Company to do your packing and unpacking for you, everything is taken care of. You don’t have to worry about wrapping every dish in an old newspaper, or taking everything out of your closet and putting it in hanging boxes. Pro Tip: designate one specific place in your home as a safe zone. Keep everything important that you’re going to need for your move there, and make sure you tell all of the moving professionals where it is.


If you have gone through a move in the past without the benefit of hiring a professional packing and unpacking company, then you already know how very long it takes to get all the packing done by yourself. Depending on your schedule of both family and work, it could extend for days or even weeks! When you hire Very Good Moving Company to pack and unpack for you, then the packing job will be done in one day. It may be a long day, but all you will need to do is be available to answer questions. We take care of everything else!

After all of your belongings have been moved to the new location, we will unpack them for you and put them in their designated rooms. We also reassemble all the furniture that we had to disassemble to get it into the truck. And the best part is, that when we are done, we take away all of the used packing and moving material so that you are not left with dozens of boxes and a bunch of paper.


When the time comes for you to go through your next move, hire Very Good Moving Company to do the packing and unpacking for you. This way, you will be able to get back to normal life sooner than you would doing it any other way. The time you would have spent packing will be replaced by your regular activities. And when you finally get to your destination, letting us unpack for you will be by far the quickest way to get back to a normal routine. Call Very Good Moving Company today at 208-398-0078 to schedule your consultation.