You may have noticed as you get older it gets harder and harder to find friends to help you move. Moving your own belongings may make a lot of sense in college when you only have a one bedroom apartment but when you get a bigger home and a family hiring a moving company makes so much sense. A six pack of beer and some pizza doesn’t go as far with your friends in their 40s as it did in their 20s. Most of our friends are busy, have bad backs, and just don’t have the energy to help with a move anymore. Very Good Moving Company is a great solution when you’re able to package your own home and use a rental truck but need help with the labor. A labor only move is a great option and we offer the service in Nampa.


What is Labor Only Moving?

You may never have heard of a service like labor only moveing, but labor only moving is when we provide movers and nothing else. The labor only move is a manpower service where we provide movers to help you load and offload your moving truck but do not provide the packaging of your belongings or the truck to transport them. We find that these services work well for people who want to do it themselves but need help with the logistics of carrying a heavy couch or toting a refrigerator down the stairs into their new basement. We can also help with moving items from a garage that may be very heavy like toolboxes or equipment. We move boxes as well and can fully pack your truck and unpack when you arrive at your new home. We can also help with temporary storage moves where you move items into storage after you sell a home while you wait for your new home to close. We don’t unpack the boxes, just the truck.

Who Benefits from this Service?

Do you people that benefit the most from the service are people who may want to do most of the work themselves and have the time. Additionally there are groups of customers that are most likely to benefit from the service:

  • Customers who have heavy items that need to be moved from one floor to the next. We can come to your home and move things within your home, we are a great asset when ordering furniture online that needs to be moved into place. 
  • People who are focused on the budget often choose the service, it gives them a great bang for their buck and allows them to do a lot of the less physically demanding processes and leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. It also allows you to stay on your own schedule which is great for people who may want to unpack slowly.
  • Many of our customers are new to the area and don’t have friends that could help. If you have moved across the country and are looking for just a helping hand offloading your moving truck or containers this is a great option. It’s not always possible to move without help.
  • Time conscious customers also use the service, people who work a lot may find that the actual moving process is more than they can handle but they are able to box up their home during their off hours. When time is money many customers find that they would rather spend a little money and take a lot of time to move.
  • We also have customers who are remodeling their home, you may need to clear a room or a space for your contractor and we can help with this process. We can also put everything back once the project is complete 

The team at Very Good Moving Company is here to help no matter what the circumstances.

Call the Labor Only Moving Authority in Nampa

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