If you have ever moved houses you know how much work goes into the prepping and unpacking after the move. The packing and unpacking are the most time intensive parts of any move. While you may be able to haphazardly throw some of your belongings into boxes, some things take more time and care. Professional packers are experienced on what works and what doesn’t with moving fragile things. Taking the extra time to ensure your belongings arrive in one piece is a huge part of packing and professional packers are a great resource. Professional packers don’t just have the experience, they also have the materials to get the job done including furniture pads, wrapping paper and more.


Our Team is Here for to Make Your Nampa Move Easier!

Packing services and Comprehensive moving services

Our team offers both stand along packing and unpacking services as well as comprehensive moving services which include loading and unloading of trucks and transportation. We offer our moving services for both commercial and residential moves. Customers are amazed by how much time they save by using a packing service. 

Moving is a lot of work and not just because of the packing, there are a lot of logistical issues to consider and other high stress aspects that can be draining. Having the packing taken care of by a professional takes one of the most labor intensive aspects of a move off your plate. Very Good Moving Company offers packing and unpacking services in Nampa.

Expert tip- set a designated “no pack zone” with your movers. This is a spot where you can store phone chargers, clothes for your move, toiletries and more. Any important documents, valuables you want to transport yourself and other items you don’t want our movers to touch should be kept in this zone. 

Time Savings

None of us have enough hours in the day and with a big move you may find that you have even less hours than normal to get your mountain of work done. If you are packing just in the downtime of your day it may take days or even a few weeks to get everything ready for your move. Very Good Moving Company is here to help pack and unpack your Nampa home and can get the job done in only one or two days depending on the size of your home. Moving day is long, even with the help of a professional, but you won’t be doing the heavy lifting. We do need you available to answer questions but you wont need to lift a finger. 

If you choose to use our full moving services, your belongings will be transported to your new house or business on one of our trucks, or if you are utilizing a stand alone service by you, and then Very Good Moving Company will get started with the unpacking process. Our team also reassembles furniture. Once your home has been unpacked we will clean up all the packing materials and remove them, many customers say that this is the best part of a packing and unpacking service. 

Hire a Nampa Packing Company

If you are preparing to move Very Good Moving Company is ready to take care of your packing and unpacking. This service allows our customers to get back to their normal life quickly. Instead of spending days packing and unpacking you are able to keep up with your normal activities. Moving to your new office or home is much less stressful with professional help. Call Very Good Moving Company today at 208-398-0078 to schedule your consultation.