If you are looking to move to or from Nampa we would love to be your first call. Very Good Moving Company is a residential moving service that offers residential moves all over the Treasure Valley including Nampa. Moving is hard, it requires a lot of heavy lifting and time and doing it all yourself can be exhausting. Our residential moving services include packing, unpacking, storage, and of course labor. Very Good Moving Company can handle even the most complex moves and has experience with all different types of moving including apartment to home, home to storage to new home, and much more. With over a decade of experience we have moved almost everything.


Our Team Makes the Difference

We employ a team of trained moving experts that are prepared to help move your belongings from one home to the next. Our team is trained on how to best protect your property and home and ensure your belongings make it to the right spot. Our operations managers help to plan your move to ensure all the right equipment and pieces are there on moving day. The logistics of a move can be complicated in our expert service team helps to consider all necessary aspects. We can help with planning of packing, arranging the proper amount of time and supplies, ensuring enough movers arrive on moving day and of course an unpacking strategy.

Temporary Storage and Multi-Day Moves

With the way the market is it may be necessary to move your items into storage before moving into a new home. Our team is prepared to help with this type of move, including multi day moves or temporary storage moves. A multi day move is when we pick up belongings on one day and move them into your new home either the next day or a few days later. Storage moves are when we move your items from your home to a storage unit to be stored until your new home is ready. There are a lot of moving parts and logistics to consider with these types of moves in our team has the experience to make the process seamless.

To Pack or Not to Pack?

If you are considering packing your home yourself we are happy to help with labor but we also offered great packing services. Packing services are a great asset for busy clients who may not have the time, energy, or ability to pack their homes themselves. Our team is trained on how to properly package your property to ensure it arrives at your new home unbroken. We provide insurance and supply all the necessary materials to pack your home. Our homeowners often find that these packing services do not cost much more than they would have spent on insurance, packing materials,and time off work. It also saves a ton of stress which can be important in the stressful process of purchasing a new home. The service is great for extremely fragile items, heavy items, and items you may not be sure how to package to keep safe during a move. Professional packers are great at what they do and far fewer items end up broken.

Local Residential Moves

Moving within a city is the most common type of move we provide, taking only a few hours. Our moving team will arrive and assess how they will fit all your belongings into the moving truck and then begin the process of packing up your home. As the truck fills they will include both boxes and furniture in a way that keeps them both safe. Then they will drive to your new home and under your direction place all the furniture and items into your space. The heavy lifting of moving can be a strain on anyone but trusting it to the professionals saves your back and your time. As we get older it can be harder and harder to find people that have the time and the strength to help us move. If you have heavy furniture, lots of stairs, or other complicated moving scenarios a professional is really worth the money. Very Good Moving Company can also provide labor only services for residential moves in Nampa where you provide the rental truck and the boxing but we provide all the manpower. 

Hire a Nampa Moving Company

No matter how you look at it, moving is a chore. There are very few people that enjoy the physical process of moving. Once the project is done there is so much to be enjoyed with a new home but the headaches of moving are still dreaded. A great Nampa moving company like Very Good Moving Company really makes a huge difference. We can get your belongings from point A to point B safely while you enjoy your new home. Call 208-398-0078 and make it a reality today!