Moving your office space or any commercial space can be logistically difficult for a variety of reasons. There are a lot of factors to consider when moving offices and the whole process is a lot of work. Very Good Moving Company is a great resource for eliminating the stress of the physical moving process. We provide commercial or office moving services in Eagle. We take the weight of moving furniture, supplies and other materials off your hands so you can deal with the other important steps. 

Professional Movers Make Office Moves Smooth

Running a company takes a lot of time and employees generally need the oversight of manager or superior, don’t let a move distract you and affect productivity. Our team can oversee the move so you can concentrate on your day to day tasks. Very Good Moving Company works with all sorts of businesses in all areas of the Treasure Valley including Eagle and can meet your specialty needs, getting your move taken care of efficiently and getting your employees back to work quickly. 


We Do the Heavy Lifting

Commercial and office spaces often have larger furniture and fixtures than homes. These heavy pieces can be a struggle to move if you don’t have the right tools and training. Our team knows how to handle heavy furniture, navigate stairwells and elevators, and get your items safely to your new home. We also provide packing and unpacking services for commercial moves which can save you lots of precious time. Very Good Moving Company is licensed and insured so you can rest assured your move will be done properly and with safety in mind. Our team of professional moves has more than a decade of experience in all types of moves. When you trust us with your move you know your furniture and fixtures will be safe during the move and transportation, all your items will arrive and be accounted for and that we will pay attention to detail leaving no stone unturned. We are proud of the reputation we have in Eagle and know that professional movers make all the difference. 

Why Very Good Moving Company?

If you are ready to hire a mover for your office or commercial move in Eagle we would love to meet with you. We have clean trucks stocked with all the necessary supplies, punctual employees trained on how to properly and safely transport your belongings and the experience to ensure everything is done safely and efficiently. Additionally, we know our rates are fair and competitive with a package that meets every budget. Our team will be there for every step of your move if needed or can provide services like labor only move. We can’t wait to give you a free estimate. 

How does the estimate work?

We pride ourselves on making things clear and honest. For commercial moves we prefer to meet on site to look at the location you are moving from, what we will be moving and then travel to the new site to assess that as well. We prefer onsite estimates to see how long we will need to carry furniture to the truck, stairwells, elevators and other factors that can affect the timeline. On site estimates allow us to be the most accurate we can be on our estimate. The on site assessment helps us to ensure we have all the necessary tools for your move. All moves have their challenges but commercial moves tend to have factors like ramps, small elevators, long hallways and stairs to consider. Our project manager will consider the layout of the move, the fixtures and furniture we will be moving and come up with an estimate for what personnel we will need, what equipment to bring and how much time the move will take and present you with a clearly laid out estimate. 

Weekend moves

We provide weekend moves which can be a great option for commercial moves. Please mention the dates you are interested in to our estimator so we can make sure your estimate is accurate. 

Furniture disassembly and reassembly 

Our team can take apart furniture and reassemble it in your new location. We can discuss the logistics of this with you during your on site estimate to make sure our team alots the right amount of time and brings the right tools for this service. 

Disposal of unwanted items

We can help with disposal of unwanted items including taking items to the dump, donating them to a thrift store, or dropping them off at a resale store or recycling center. Again this is something we will need to discuss the particulars of during your on site meeting but is an easy thing to add on. 


If Very Good Moving Company damages any of your equipment, furniture or fixtures, rest assured we will make it right. We have insurance that protects your belongings. During the moving process we inventory the condition of your items, marking any existing damage. This process helps to ensure we are responsible for the damage and speeds up the claims process because there is good documentation that the equipment was damaged in our possession.