Packing and Unpacking Services in Star

Packing and unpacking boxes is the most dreaded part of any move. We can all throw stuff in a box but if you want it to arrive at your new home or office in one piece it takes more time and care than that. DIY packers can do a good job but professional packers do a great job and fast! Professional packers know all the best methods for ensuring your items survive the move and arrive at their new destination. Our team has all the materials, padding and wrap to keep everything safe. 


Service that Meets Your Needs

We offer our packing services as part of a full service move in Star but also as a stand alone service. We pack for residential moves, corporate moves and office moves. If this is your first time utilizing a packing and unpacking service you will be amazed. 

How much less stress would a move be if you didn’t need to clean out a single closet. Very Good Moving Company can handle the entire project. We wrap dishes and pack closets, we even box up those missing socks that found their way behind the washer. Our crews know that moving is disruptive and will work with you to ensure you have a “no pack zone”. This zone is where you can store all your daily items like phone chargers, toiletries and more. We can also set up “pack last” lists to cut down on the life interruption. 

Save Precious Time

Not having to pack and unpack is a huge time savings. Life can be busy, many of our clients are business owners and parents and finding the time to pack their home can be impossible. Packing boxes after a long day of shuffling kids around or a full day of work is a drag, Very Good Moving Company can do the job for you in much less time. We often have an entire home done in just a single day. Packing and unpacking days are busy and we do need homeowners available to answer questions but we get all the hard work done for you. 

Once your belongings have been transported we will start the unpacking process if you choose. Some people may want to slowly move in on their own time. It is completely up to you! Very Good Moving Company will discuss with you where you want things to go, which room is which and other details and then get to work. We reassemble furniture and get the whole house prepared. We even take away all the boxes and wrapping material. Our customers tell us that often the best part, no pile of trash to tackle after the exhaustion of a move. 

Star Packing Services

When you are ready to move into a new home in Star we are there to help. Very Good Moving Company’s packing and unpacking services are professional and expertly done. It is amazing how quickly your life can return to normal when you use a full service mover. With a full service move you can keep doing the things you need to like work and even the things you enjoy. Moving goes much quicker with good help. Very Good Moving Company can’t wait to help plan your next move.