We have been serving the city of Eagle for 12 years. Our team at Very Good Moving Company is professional, punctual and experienced making your Eagle residential move easy and stress free. We arrive on site with the proper trucks, tools, and equipment to make your move easy and quick. Our rates are unbeatable and our customer service is unmatched, always striving to leave our customers blown away by the quality of care they received. We offer free estimates for our services that are accurate and easy to understand. Our consultations are available through a few different avenues- online, over the phone or an in-home consultation for more intricate moves. We are looking forward to meeting with you, our contact form is a great way to get in touch with us and we reach out the same day


Residential Moves

Moving is not a task anyone looks forward to, it’s a long process and can be exhausting even when you are moving within the same city. There is a lot of heavy lifting, a lot of planning and a lot of details to focus on. With Very Good Moving Company we take over the heavy lifting, the logistics and make the process as easy as possible. Our experienced and highly praised team can take on any moving project, big or small. Our team is here to get you moved from one home to the next without breaking your back. 

Packing and Unpacking

Our company is not just a truck and labor company, we are full service. When you select Very Good Moving Company for your move we are here to help. Our team can pack your home, bring all our own supplies to make the process that much easier, transport your belongings and tackle the unpacking process. Our team has years of experience which means we know some trade secrets that make packing and unpacking even more efficient. We also know how to keep belongings safe during the move because of our moving experience. We will get your things to your new home safe and sound while remaining efficient. By trusting your move to us you can rest assured your mementos and treasure will all arrive safe and sound, nothing lost, broken or misplaced. We do all the hard work to make your move feel effortless, put all the weight on our shoulders. 

Labor Only

Some homeowners would rather do most of the moving process themselves, we welcome this approach and are happy to help. A labor only move is when we arrive and help load a customer’s moving truck, trailer or storage units. Many homeowners prefer to box their own belongings and use us just to help with moving things out of the home. If you have stairs, tight doorways, heavy furniture or just don’t want to move your boxes and furniture yourself this is a great option. Our team will help load all the boxes and furniture from your home and can meet you at your new home to do the unloading process. Moving pods have become very popular for cross country moves and a labor only move service is a great way to load these pods. 

Specialty Item Moves

Need help with moving an especially heavy piece of furniture or just a few things? We can help with small projects like this as well. We are able to move things within a home or across town, just let us know what you need and we can help make it happen. You can trust that our team can move your item safely, and with the attention to detail you deserve. If you have any moving projects you need help with, we are here. 

What We Offer

We have a variety of different moving packages that we use to help meet both your budget and your needs. Some homeowners are happy to be loading their truck beside us while others trust us to the whole process. We have the manpower, supplies and fair hourly rates (2-hour minimum) that make your move painless and fast. 

All the help you need for your Eagle Residential Move

We have worked throughout this area for more than 12 years, our team is professional and our trucks are clean. We are proud to offer budget friendly pricing and free online moving estimates and on-site estimates to help you prepare for your move. No move is too small for our team and we have the manpower for even the biggest move. We can be there every step of the way from packing to unpacking. Our packages are a great way to find something that fits your budget.