Star Office and Commercial Moving

Businesses outgrow spaces and have to move. No matter why your business needs to move we can help with relocating your office. Moving can cause a lot of disruptions in your workflow so making the move as efficient and quick as possibly is vital. Very Good Moving Company is a great resource for moving your company quickly and without headaches. 

Professional office moves in Star

Moving an office is a different process than moving a home. Personal items, clothing and kitchen items make up most residential moves while office moves are mostly furniture, paperwork and computers. Office furniture can be very heavy. Your office computers are vital to your work and we treat them with the utmost care to ensure your move doesn’t impact your work anymore than necessary.


Our team of professional movers comes to your Star office ready with the right tools for your move. We have wrapping materials to protect your furniture, furniture straps to lift heavy items and packing materials for items that need it. We also bring power tools for furniture assembly and disassembly. Commercial moves don’t require a lot of boxing but we do provide full service moves for office moves just like we do for residential. Our team at Very Good Moving Company has social carts that help us to move office spaces with ease. Carts make moving faster, saving you money.

Our team can work with you on moving some items to storage while others are delivered to your new office space. We are a full service company, meaning we find a way to complete nearly every request from a client. Requests we have dealt with in the past range from helping with a traditional office move to moving furniture into multiple locations and taking documents to be destroyed.

Heavy item moving

Large conference tables, heavy equipment and large credenzas can be very hard to move. Solid wood furniture is notoriously heavy and doing a move without proper equipment can be catastrophic. When considering the time, weight of your furniture and navigating stairways professional movers are an easy answer. 

Why Very Good Moving Company?

Our team is professional, prepared and a great resource but those aren’t the only reasons you should use us. More factors that make very good moving company the right fit:

  • Free estimates – virtually or on site
  • Quotes are transparent and easy to understand (no hidden fees)
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Trained professional movers
  • Fully insured, licensed and bonded
  • Packing and unpacking services available
  • Scheduling is easy! We even offer after hours moves

What happens if there is damage to our equipment during the move?

Our company is insured, making very good moving company a safe choice. We inventory your equipment and note the condition prior to the move, this process expedites any damage claims. Choosing a licensed and insured mover Is an important part of any commercial move.

Can you help us get rid of unwanted furniture and equipment as part of our move?

Absolutely- we can help move unwanted items by taking them to the dump, a recycling center, thrift store or even a resale store. Our moving specialist can help with these requests. 

Will you disassemble and reassemble our furniture?

Yes we can do that. We will assess all necessary disassembly at our quote and ensure the cost of additional time is included in your bid. 

Can you move our office on the weekend?

We offer both weekends and after hours moves. Please make sure you mention the need for services to your specialist so we can ensure we have the project scheduled for the proper times and costs. Additionally we will need to discuss any unlocking and locking procedures with the tenant and landlord if necessary.

How does your estimating process work?

Our goal is to make your bid as accurate as possible. We prefer to have a commercial move specialist do an on-site quote where they can assess the move specific needs, any obstacles we may face and the amount of time needed to move all the furniture and boxes. Some of the challenges we are looking for on site are small elevators, ramps, staircases and tight corners. After our on-site visit our project managers will provide a quote that covers all necessary equipment manpower and time.