Very Good Moving company is here to help with your Star residential move. Moving is not an easy process no matter how young or in shape you are. The heavy lifting wears even the best of us out, a moving company is a great resource for saving time and your back. Residential moving services are not one size moves all, you can pick and choose the services you need. We provide residential moves that are labor only, traditional moving services and full service with packing and unpacking. Our team has what it takes to handle even the most complicated moves and with our years of experience we have seen it all and are here to help.


The Team

Our team is highly trained, ensuring your belongings are treated with the proper care to arrive unscathed from the move. Our trained mover knows all the tips and tricks to protecting not only your belongings but also your home. Our team features an operations manager who can help support our clients in the logistics of their moves. When planning a move there can be a lot of things to consider and our operations manager can make the transition smooth for you, making the process as painless as possible. Depending on the service you choose, our team may also help with packing- arriving with all the necessary supplies, organizing the labor and transportation and unpacking your belongings at your new residence. 

Temporary Storage and Multi-Day Moves

When moving it’s not always possible to do a same day move. If you have sold a home and your new home isn’t ready yet we can support you with temporary storage or a multi-day move. Multi-day moves are when we pack your current home into our trucks on one day, and unpack on a different day. Sometimes this is a day transition but it can be longer in some circumstances. We also can move your belongings from your current home to a storage unit while you wait for your new home to become available. 

Packing services

When speaking with our estimator we will discuss all the different services, including packing service. Some clients prefer to have our team do the packing for them, saving time and headache. Our packaging service is done by trained movers who know how to pack boxes to keep belongings safe and secure. When you choose a packaging service we provide all the moving materials like boxes and packaging tape and your items can be insured to ensure they arrive safely. Homeowners often mention that this service sounds too expensive but when they calculate the cost of materials, insurance and their time they often realize that packing services are not that costly. The stress and energy saved is a huge factor to consider. Additionally our team is a great resource for packaging large or heavy items and can also help with fragile items. Professional packers have lots of tricks to make sure your things make it from one home to the next in one piece. 

Residential Moves in The Treasure Valley

Local moves are something we do regularly. We can often get a residential move done in just a few hours. Our team arrives at your current home with our truck ready to load. We assess the furniture and boxes and then get to work fitting all your things in our truck. Once the tuck is full we will drive to your new place and offload your things. We work with homeowners to ensure furniture is placed properly and boxes are in the right place. Homeowners often think they can do the move themself but a professional mover is a very valuable service. Finding friends to help you move gets harder and harder each year you get older. Stairs and heavy furniture are known to put a strain on more than just your back. We offer a labor only moving service in Star for customers who want to use a trailer they own or have a truck to use. 

Hire Very Good Moving Company for your Star Move

Moving is a big chore but with the right help it doesn’t have to break your back. When you are only responsible for packing and unpacking it is much less of a daunting task and you may even find that you enjoy moving. Our Star residential moves are a great resource for removing stressors from your move. Very Good Moving Company is ready to talk to you today about how we can help with your upcoming move, call 208-398-0078 for your estimate. 

Moving can be such an exciting time and with the labor taken care of you can just enjoy the process. Very Good Moving Company has proven to be a trusted resource for many homeowners.